1. Recovery of people trapped in building collapses is the joint responsibility of a number of Emergency
Service Organisations (ESOs) and forms part of the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) capability.

2. No untrained people should attempt to access collapsed building sites as movements in the area can trap
further casualties or lead to shifts in the area which can breach air pockets and effectively cut off the
oxygen supply to those already trapped in the building.

3. You can assist the responding Emergency Service by providing a list of missing people and the location
where they were last seen. This will help target the search and recovery exercise.

4. If you can, call out for trapped people while waiting for the Emergency Service’s response.
Confirmation of casualties, and their locations, will assist in the recovery exercise.
Reassure the trapped people that help is on the way and that everything will be OK.
Keep calm and keep the trapped people calm.

There are no current emergencies impacting the Jewish Community -  Click here for Updates

Current at 20 August 2018