1. Bomb threats are usually received via telephone.

2. If the threat is of a specific nature – time, location, type, etc – then an immediate evacuation of the area
should be considered. [See Evacuation below]

3. Write down the time of the call and the phone number on which it was received
If you can see from which phone number the call came, note this down as well.

4. Notify the Police on 000 and CSG on 03-9523-0434 immediately and follow their advice.

5. If the threat is of a general and non-specific nature, an investigation (search) should be undertaken.

6. Risks of this nature can be minimised by conducting regular searches of the Campsite to ensure that no
suspicious articles have been left on site and by limiting access of persons to the Campsite.

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Current at 20 August 2018